snow grains photo library


Main morphological grain shape classes (From IACS - International classification for seasonal snow on the ground, 2009)

Main grain shape classes are classified by using either a symbol or a unique twoletter upper case abbreviation code. Subclasses are classified either by using the proper symbol or a four-letter abbreviation code, where two lower case letters are appended to the main class code. This abbreviation code will be useful for electronic data exchange formats while colours may be used for continuous representations in either space or time, e.g., in outputs of snowpack models

Precipitation ParticlesaPP
Machine made snowbMM
Decomposing and Fragmented precipitation particlescDF
Rounded GrainsdRG
Faceted CrystalseFC
Depth HoarfDH
Surface HoargSH
Melt FormshMF
Ice FormationsiIF